The Abbey Church and Oratory

The Abbey Church and Oratory

Situated towards the West of the Estate you will find the Abbey Church, which is dedicated to Christ the King, and was originally consecrated by the then former bishop of Derby.

Do have a look inside, and while you are here perhaps you would like to give a Donation towards its work.

The Floor of the Abbey is in memory of people and is made of Solid Slate.

You will find information about the Memorial Floor once you are inside.

The Windows are designed about Unity and Diversity, and you will see symbols such as the Lamb of God, Liturgical Colours, the Four Gospels, and you will in this part of the Abbey feel its simplicity.

The Community of the King of Love was founded in one of the Oldest Theological Colleges in England.

Queens Theological College part of the University of Birmingham in 1969.

The Community was the first ecumenical community in England, and has been a registered charity no 271207 since 1975.

It works is towards  reconciliation between people of diverse culture and Christian traditions.

Entrance to the Community follows the traditional monastic forms of Aspirant Novice and Full Member. 

Traditional Vows are Detachment Chastity and Obedience.

Copies of the Rule are available for people to read and can be found in the Abbey Church.

The Oratory

The Oratory has a vast collection of 1st Class Relics all with the Vatican Seal. You can arrange to see these by appointment with the clergy.

You will also see in the Oratory Stained Glass Windows designed in 2004. The Carved Oak Altar in here was given in memory of a Padre during the First World War, and was given by the diocese of Manchester along with the Processional Cross and Lectern. 

The Great Clock

The Great Clock

The Turret Clock is in two parts the oldest part of the clock was built in 1720 by John Shepley of Stockport who was a               Clock maker.                                                                                     

The clock was originally made for St Mary's church Stockport and was situated in the old tower, which was eventually demolished and rebuilt.

The clock chimes the hours on Emmanuel the Great Bell.

 The Quarter Chimes are played on the Abbey Bells the oldest being cast in 1340AD.  

The Westminster Chimes were built by John Smith of Derby who are Church turret Clock Specialists and the clock weights  have to be wound up each week by hand.

The Bells

The Bells are hung for the Clock to Chime the hours. The Oldest Bell hung here was cast in 1340 and is perhaps the oldest bell in Derbyshire, and is still in active service! 

Some of the other bells date from 1710 onwards.

The Largest Bell Emmanuel was cast in Glasgow in 1890 and was the only bell to ring out during the second World War to announce enemy fire saving many lives this bell rings out every day at 12 Noon and 6pm.

The rest of the bells are tuned for full circle change ringing and were cast by the famous Whitechapel bells foundry in London, and also John Taylor's bell foundry in Loughborough.

Other Music

The Chapel is also home of the Two Manuel organ which was built in 2007 in Holland. The Organ has 26 Stops and a 32 Ft Sub Bourdon, and is a very fine instrument for use for Concerts, which are held at different times of the year. 

On September 15th 2007, the Inaugural Recital was by Ronald Frost, formally of the Halle Concert Society where he was Principal Organist from 1976 – 1996

Specification of the Organ

  • Pedal
  • Pedal Sub Bourdon 32
  • Open Diapason 16
  • Bourdon 16
  • Octive 8
  • Bass Flute 8
  • Choral Bass 4
  • Mixture III
  • Bassoon 16
  • Great
  • Open Diapason 8
  • Hohi Flute 8
  • Dulciana 8
  • Octave 4
  • Harmonic Flute 4
  • Twelfth 22/3
  • Fifteenth 2
  • Full Mixture IV
  • Clarinet 8
  • Pasaune 8
  • Swell
  • Stopped Diapason 8
  • Salicional 8
  • Voix Celeste 8
  • Principal 4
  • Chimney Flute 4
  • Flageolet 2
  • Mixture IV
  • Double Trumpet 16
  • Trumpet 8
  • Oboe 8

We brought our first CD out in 2007 for which copies can be bought. 


Feast of Corpus Christi

Please come and join us as we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi on

Saturday June 21st at 6.30pm in the Abbey Church.

Corpus Christi is the Feast of Holy Communion celebrated 60 days after Easter, this year we will be celebrating it in the evening.

During the Mass the Abbey Church will be formally dedicated to Christ the King by 

The Right Reverend + Frank Sargeant  former bishop of Stockport and Lambeth Palace.

The music will be by the Whaley Oratory Choir and the Birmingham Conservatoire.

For more details please contact Canon Jamie.